Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

What is Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing is the main way search engines generate income, it is a service that is set up by the search engines to allow websites to appear on the first page of the search engines by paying every time their website is clicked on. The cost for Pay Per Click Marketing depends on the keyword and position, the more popular the keyword and the higher your position then the more you will pay for your click marketing.

What Search Engines To Use For Your Click Marketing Campaign

Most search engines offer a pay per click marketing service, the best search engines to use to generate enquiries are Bing, Google, Lycos and Yahoo. Setting up an account on these search engines is very simple, First Click marketing can help you to set up your pay per click marketing account at no cost.

Click Marketing vs SEO Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing is a good way to generate enquiries, the downside is the overall cost you could incur. Seo or search engine optimisation can propel your website to the first page of the listings, there is no guarantee what position your site can appear at, but done correctly and monitored on a regular basis, your website can achieve top 3 positions. The cost for SEO Marketing solely depends on what company you use, but it is much more cost effective than pay per click. The downsides to SEO are the time is takes to achieve first page results, also if you choose the wrong seo firm, you could end up throwing your money away. First Click Marketing have spent many years developing and perfecting the techniques and solutions we use to deliver highly ethical and effective campaigns.

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