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Organic SEO

What Is Organic SEO?

Organic seo is search engine optimisation aimed specifically at the natural listings of the search engines using only ethical white hat techniques that are stipulated and governes by the search engines especially Google and Yahoo. First Click Marketing SEO has spent many years studying and perfecting the methods we use, we want to ensure that all the advice we offer is completely ethical and we have the complete backing and trust of the search engines, this gives us the confidence in our ability.
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Organic SEO vs Sponsored Listings

Whats the difference between organic seo and sponsored listings?
There are several differences between the two, for a start a measly 1 in 6 searches use the sponsored listings as opposed to organic results. Being English we naturally read the left hand side first so chances are your audience will find what they are looking for out of the ten listed, if not then chances are they may use the sponsored results on the right hand side.

Dont get us wrong, Pay Per Click Adertising does have some benefits, if you have a healthy marketing budget it may be an idea to take out a couple of adverts with Google whilst waiting for your organic seo campaign to come to fruition. The problem is with this is what's called pay per click fraud, unfortunately some of your competitors could keep clicking on your site to waste your budget.

Organic SEO we believe is the best way for any company to gain a competitive edge and generate fresh business, through hard work and dedication our qualified technicians can help you and your website to achieve first page listings and internet success. Contact First Click Marketing today for a free website assesment and ranking report.

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Organic SEO

A few little pointers for using organic seo
Organic SEO delivers results over a longer period of time through the natural process that the search engines use.

Organic SEO should be much more important to your company than any other form of online marketing, with more and more businesses and consumers turning to the search engines organic listings to fulfil their search needs, if your website is not there then the bottom line is you are losing business!

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seo firm, if you are looking to get the most out of your website then First click marketing the UK's leading organic seo firm has the solution for you, if you have found our website then you already know how important it is to get your website noticed, the main way to do this is to use the search engines via organic seo. Google and Yahoo have dominated the internet world with 80% of the world using these two alone to find what it is they are searching for, As an experienced seo firm we can offer full money back guarantees to get your website to the first page of the search engines. so if you are looking for an seo firm then contact us today for a free no obligation quote. First click seo have been helping companies to get first page listings on all the worlds major search engines including google yahoo and msn, no matter if it is an ecommerce site, static page it makes no difference as all our packages our tailored to the specific needs and recommendations of every site. so if you're looking for organic seo contact First Click marketing SEO today.