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Nathan Webster at Google

It was July 21st 2011 and First Click Marketing took up the invite from Google to go and see them and how they work so Nathan Webster Head SEO technician (MD) and Thomas Bagshaw Head of Click Marketing / Adwords went to Google HQ in London, Nathan quotes from the moment we arrived at Google the atmosphere was electric we were treated like kings offering us refreshments and snacks all branded with the Google name, it was a magical experience walking along the yellow brick road to one of the many lecture/presentation rooms the floor was made to look like a path with fresh green grass on either side with a big red double-decker London bus in the middle of this elegant and stylish building.

Google Water


First Click Marketing Google

We entered the presentation room where we was given a Google goody bag and there was a number of seats to sit on ranging from professional chairs, park benches, bean bags and deckchairs the place was magical catering for everybody.

The presentations started with a welcoming introduction from Google’s Uk marketing manager and then moved onto the head of small business
marketing team We learned some interesting facts along the way, for instance the internet contributes an estimated £100 billion which equates to e-commerce providing over 7% of GDP to the UK economy with about 60% of that being driven by user consumption, showing the UK’s strong position in e-commerce. SME’s with high internet usage are currently growing 4 x faster than businesses that do not currently have an internet presence and the trend appears to be continuing with expectations of 13% of GDP by the year 2015.

With this in mind and £1 in every £4 being spent online it makes sense to stop thinking about it and get your business promoted on the biggest stage were your potential clients are waiting for you.

We were then told of the latest strategies and techniques by two Strategy Specialists – this information was highly useful and it is definitely strategies First Click Marketing will be using in the future. It was here we learnt of the future developments, the information we received was deemed confidential although Google have given First Click Marketing permission to release updated information, so watch this space because you will get it here first!.

First Click Marketing at Google

Following some more refreshments, a Google product specialist informed us of some interesting findings like if you are an app developer or your product is available for download you will soon be able to include a link in the advert allowing it to be downloaded from the advert directly, remember, you heard it here first..

To conclude, Google are as strong as ever and provided a friendly and relaxed environment. The staff that we have relations with already were more than welcoming hosts and the new contacts we made will have a great impact to our growing business.

Thanks again to the Google team for a great day.

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July 25th, 2011 at 11:23 pm

It was a pleasure having you and look forward to next month



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Thanks for sahirng. Always good to find a real expert.


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September 7th, 2011 at 3:17 am

The content here is great, I would like to see more in depth reports on internet marketing Please keep up putting out this quality information it is a big help to me. You’ve gained a loyal reader!



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