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Sub Domains.

What Are Sub Domains

Sub Domains are folders that are part of a website, they are mainly used by companies for a blog page or for companies who have a web directory, An example of a sub domain can be seen from our website, this sub domain was set up just to show our customers what a sub domain may look like and how it works.

The Benefits

Sub domains have been around for many years, but the true benefits have been overlooked even by seo companies, they are classed as a separate website by the search engines so if you have a link on the sub domain pointing to your website, it will help increase your link popularity, your Google PageRank and your overall search engine ranking.

So What Do We Do?

FC online marketing can create sub domains on either your website on hosted on ours, some host companies limit the amount of sub domains you can have, with us there are no limits. We can create a content rich page and add upto 50 deep links to your main website, please contact us for more information on our sub domain services.

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